What's going on?

Coffee Joulies on Shark Tank

January 08 2013

Tune in this Friday at 9pm (EST) on ABC to see Coffee Joulies on Shark Tank. Click below to drop your email in the box below to get a reminder and any special deals we throw out for our favorite fans.   Check your local listings and tune in on Friday. Spread the word on facebook and join us live tweeting on twitter! Best Dave & Dave

Testimonial Video Contest

November 14 2012

We are running another give away contest! This time it's for anyone who has Joulies already and wants to make a short video testimonial. If we use your testimonial on the site, we will send you a 5 pack of Coffee Joulies, worldwide shipping included, that you can keep or give to someone as a gift. The contest starts now and will run until Black Friday (11/23/2012) Great videos may...

Joanna wins the raffle!

October 24 2012

Congrats to Joanna for winning two Coffee Joulies Perfection packs. Here is the raffle information so we can take it off the home page.   a Rafflecopter giveaway We're planning more raffles in the future. Help us decide on facebook what to offer. facebook.com/coffeejoulies -Dave

We're hiring!

July 16 2012

Dave & Dave are looking for a creative person to help us grow and manage our interaction with our huge customer base. In this internship you will invent and work on your own creative agenda. We want you to have an impact on our brand image and our direct online sales through our website - and to have fun doing it. The internship is unpaid but if we work well...

Just Right, Right Away

June 08 2012

We get a ton of questions about how Joulies work in different containers. We have always tried to provide the most accurate and helpful answer, but no matter what it's difficult to articulate because so much depends on your individual coffee ritual. When I saw Adam Lisagor's tribute to his Aeropress it made me think how well my morning ritual would lend itself to a video. Here is honestly one...

How to Juggernaut Your Kickstarter Project and What You Are In For

June 06 2012

So you want your kickstarter project to be huge. Everybodys doin it... Here is my best shot at explaining the road you have ahead of you and my experience with Coffee Joulies. Most of these points ONLY apply to projects in the 'design' categroy that are similar to mine, because thats all I know. Yeah, these hacks could help you game the system, but hey you asked for it.  -Know...

100 Brilliant Companies - Entrepreneur Magazine

May 24 2012

 We're extremely excited to have just been notified by Entrepreneur Magazine that Coffee Joulies is on the list of 100 Brilliant companies for 2012! http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223615 The best part about this whole thing is the primo real estate we got on page 2 (!!) of the magazine, immediately adjacent to SIR RICHARD BRANSON'S BEARD/MUSTACHE see below: To commemorate the event, please buy some Joulies at 10% off our normal price using...

The simplicity of a Joulie

April 14 2012

This is what the inside of a Coffee Joulie looks like. The white stuff is PCM or “phase change material” which is a complicated way of saying.. 'something that melts.' The silver is the stainless steel shell, it's cut in half to show the inside. When Joulies are heated to over 140f (60C), the white stuff turns into a clear runny liquid. The point of Joulies is to get a...

Coffee Joulies wins Shopify Build-a-Business Grand Prize

February 29 2012

We did it!! After seven grueling months getting production up and running in Sherrill, NY and fulfilling our 4,818 Kickstarter orders and another two months producing and shipping thousands of orders for the holidays we have just learned that our hard work has paid off. We are the Grand Prize winners of the Shopify Build-a-Business competition. Our prize package includes: $100,000 in cold, hard cash Meetings with Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin...

Coffee Joulies™ are available worldwide!!

December 12 2011

Coffee Joulies are now available in Gift Packs and Sets of 5 worldwide! We are guaranteeing delivery by December 23 in the USA for orders placed by December 18 while supplies last.

Coffee Joulies™ are now available in the United States for the holidays!!

November 13 2011

We will be wrapping up fulfillment of our 4,818 Kickstarter preorders in the next two weeks and are ready to begin accepting new orders. Every Gift Pack is guaranteed to arrive before December 23. They will begin shipping around December 1.