“Magic Coffee Beans Save you From Scalding Coffee”

That's what ABC NEWS said about our Coffee Joulies


Set of 5 Joulies

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Coffee is too hot
Use Joulies to cool it down
And keep it perfect

Tired of burning your tongue on coffee only to have it get cold a few minutes later? With Coffee Joulies™ your coffee will be ready to drink faster and will stay in the perfect temperature range longer. Each polished stainless steel shell is filled with an advanced phase change material that melts at 140°F. Put them in your coffee and they absorb heat when it is too hot, storing that energy inside. When your coffee reaches the perfect temperature this stored heat is released to keep it there longer. The 5-Pack works with up to 20 oz of coffee, one bean per 4 oz.

Coffee Joulies™ Set of 5 include:

  • 5 Coffee Joulies (made in the USA)
  • Instruction card
  • Joulies logo carrying pouch (optional)
  • Available worldwide


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"The beans really work" - Food Network Magazine
"The mug with the Joulies rapidly cooled to 140 degrees and held steady for 2 hours" - Cooks Illustrated

Perfection Pack

Now with FREE SHIPPING in the USA!!
Outside the USA? We pay $5 towards your shipping cost :-)


The perfect sip, every time, forever.

Dave and I are dedicated to creating the perfect sip of coffee, and we've got it nailed. One Thermos Sipp, five Coffee Joulies, and twelve ounces of your favorite coffee (or tea, if that's your thing).

The Sipp is amazing. It keeps coffee hot for up to five hours, seals with the press of a button, and the design lets you sip your coffee from the lid in the same way you sip coffee from a ceramic mug.

The problem is that the Sipp is so well insulated that it keeps black coffee hot enough to burn your tongue for over an hour, and won't cool to the perfect drinking temperature range for over two hours.

Joulies solve this problem by rapidly absorbing all that extra heat and storing it in the phase change material sealed inside the beans. They do this so well that your coffee is now safe to sip in under three minutes, reaches the perfect drinking temperature range in half an hour, and stays in that range for three hours or more.

Your time is too valuable to wait around for your coffee to be the right temperature. Your money is too valuable to throw away coffee that gets too cold. And your taste buds are definitely too valuable to ever burn your tongue again.

Our Perfection Pack includes:

  • Set of 5 Coffee Joulies (made in the USA)
  • Joulies logo Thermos Sipp travel tumbler, 16 oz
  • Instruction card
  • Woven fiber gift bag & Joulies pouch
  • Available worldwide

Refurbished Joulies

Sometimes you lose a few Coffee Joulies (it happens) or maybe you gave yours away... Either way, you need more and since you already know how great they are, we're offering a special product just for you: Refurbished Joulies. They're the same Joulies you love and know but may have teeny tiny defects. Most of them will appear brand new!

Refurbished Joulies are 100% tested and 100% functional.  Sold individually. 

Please note, returns are not accepted on this item due to the nature of the product. 


Thermodynamic "stones" keep coffee at the right temperature for hours.

Entrepreneur, 100 Brilliant Companies


"...the latest must-have accessory for the coffee drinker."

Popular Science


"Using Coffee Joulies couldn't be simpler; all you have to do is add a few to your drink as soon as it's poured."