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Use these magic beans in your drink & never burn your tongue again


Glass Mug Gift Set

Our Glass Mug Gift Set was created to give coffee & tea lovers everywhere the perfect hot beverage drinking experience. At home or in the office, they will think of you every time they take a sip of hot, delicious coffee.

The three items in the Glass Mug Gift Set work together to deliver a perfect temperature cup of hot coffee & tea, from the first sip to the last:

  1. The double-wall glass mug is significantly better insulated than normal ceramic mugs, preventing the heat in your coffee or tea from escaping. Ours has 50% thicker glass for improved durability.
  2. The silicone lid keeps heat from escaping out the top of the mug, one of the greatest sources of heat loss in hot beverages. Conveniently, it also prevents spills on the walk back from the coffee maker.
  3. The Coffee Joulies absorb all this well-contained heat, rapidly cooling the coffee down to the right sipping temperature, and then slowly releasing the stored heat back into the coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature longer.

The best part, this works over and over with each cup of coffee poured, giving the perfect sip and caffeine boost every time they need it. No need to freeze or recharge Coffee Joulies between cups.

The Glass Mug Gift Set comes with:

  • Set of 5 Coffee Joulies
  • Joulies Double Wall Glass Mug (white logo)
  • Joulies Silicone Lid

Set of 5 Joulies

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Coffee is too hot
Use Joulies to cool it down
And keep it perfect

Tired of burning your tongue on coffee only to have it get cold a few minutes later? With Coffee Joulies™ your coffee will be ready to drink faster and will stay in the perfect temperature range longer. Each polished stainless steel shell is filled with an advanced phase change material that melts at 140°F. Put them in your coffee and they absorb heat when it is too hot, storing that energy inside. When your coffee reaches the perfect temperature this stored heat is released to keep it there longer. The 5-Pack works with up to 20 oz of coffee, one bean per 4 oz.

Coffee Joulies™ Set of 5 include:

  • 5 Coffee Joulies (made in the USA)
  • Instruction card
  • Joulies logo carrying pouch (optional)
  • Available worldwide


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"The beans really work" - Food Network Magazine
"The mug with the Joulies rapidly cooled to 140 degrees and held steady for 2 hours" - Cooks Illustrated

Booze Joulies

Whiskey? Vodka? Tequila? Yes please! Keep your booze cool this summer without watering it down with our new product, Booze Joulies. Booze Joulies are stainless steel shells (just like Coffee Joulies) that contain a proprietary blend of food-grade liquids that freeze below the freezing point of water, making them literally colder than ice. Leave them in the freezer for a few hours and they're ready to go. Use them in a shaker to cool a drink before serving it up, or pour your favorite Scotch over 2-3 Booze Joulies in a rocks glass for perfect sipping.

Booze Joulies™ include:

  • 6 Booze Joulies (made in China)
  • Booze Joulies logo carrying pouch
  • Gift packaging with instructions
  • Available worldwide

Thermodynamic "stones" keep coffee at the right temperature for hours.

Entrepreneur, 100 Brilliant Companies


"...the latest must-have accessory for the coffee drinker."

Popular Science


"Using Coffee Joulies couldn't be simpler; all you have to do is add a few to your drink as soon as it's poured."