Clever Gift Pairing Ideas For Dad

June 18, 2015

Did finding perfect gift for Father's Day completely slip your mind? Don't you worry about losing your title as the "golden child" - we've got your back with some super easy gift ideas that are not at all time-sensitive. Go one step further and fool your pa into thinking you really thought this one out with some masterfully clever gift pairings that take a modern twist on some classic dad pairings. 


Coffee + Morning Paper

For the father who loves a nice hot cup of Jo with his morning paper, try this spin on the classic coffee and newspaper pairing. Let your pa extend his morning me-time with Coffee Joulies - metal beans that cool down piping hot, tongue-burning coffee to the perfect, drinkable temperature, and then slowly release that extra heat to maintain that temperature over an extended period. Pair these gizmos with an online subscription for The New York Times and you’ve brought your old man into the digital age.


Fresh Shave + New Suit

Help your old man showcase his dapper self this Father’s Day with a clean shave and a sharp suit. Harry’s, a design-focused e-commerce site for shaving accoutrements, is offering a Father’s Day Shave Set in addition to its usual shave packages. Coupled with a tuxedo or suit from The Black Tux, a high-end online rental service for men, and your father will be ready for a most handsome night on the town.


Cigar + Stiff Drink

A long day of work calls for a stiff drink, and perhaps an hour alone with a fine cigar. Give your dad the gift of indulgence. Membership to the Cigar of the Month Club will provide your father with four deliciously smoky cigars delivered to his door each month. Complete the set with Booze Joulies, which will keep his poison of choice chilled while he slowly drags away on premium tobacco. These stainless steel cubes are filled with a liquid that freezes below water’s freezing point, thereby making them colder than ice and keeping your old man’s drink perfectly crisp for longer.



Coffee Joulies was on Shark Tank?!

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