Testimonial Video Contest

November 14, 2012

We are running another give away contest! This time it's for anyone who has Joulies already and wants to make a short video testimonial. If we use your testimonial on the site, we will send you a 5 pack of Coffee Joulies, worldwide shipping included, that you can keep or give to someone as a gift.

The contest starts now and will run until Black Friday (11/23/2012) Great videos may be posted shortly after we receive them.

Video guidelines:

  1. Only completely sincere testimonials will be accepted. We can tell. 
  2. Try to keep your testimonial to under a minute. 30 seconds is great too. Include how you use them if you want.
  3. Any type of video is perfectly acceptable. Iphone, webcam, seated, standing, in a coffee shop, it don't matter. 
  4. Make a short test video before recording your testimonial just to double check that you can see and hear yourself OK. 
  5. To submit your video just upload it to youtube or vimeo or anywhere else that allows us to embed it on our site and facebook.

That's it!

 If you have questions about how to do it or want to just send us the video directly, email dave at joulies dot com and I will help you out. There is no strict limit on the number of testimonials we decide to use, but we will try to post all the good ones! One per customer.

Good Luck! 


Coffee Joulies was on Shark Tank?!

We'll send you a secret link to watch our episode!!