What are Coffee Joulies?

Drinkable coffee sooner. Hot coffee longer.

See those shiny metal beans? They’re hungry. They LOVE heat. They want to eat up all the extra thermal energy that makes coffee too hot so you can drink it sooner without burning your tongue.

How do they do that? Their polished stainless steel shells are full of a very special phase change material (an ingredient in food) that melts at 140°F. When you put them in your coffee this PCM begins melting, absorbing a LOT of heat in the process and cooling your coffee down much faster than normal.

Where does all that heat go? It’s stored right inside your Coffee Joulies™. When your coffee reaches 140°F (the perfect drinking temperature) the molten PCM begins solidifying again, releasing all that energy back into your coffee to keep it at a comfortable and delicious drinking temperature. The more heat you feed your Joulies, the longer they’ll keep your coffee warm.

Thermos Sipp vacuum travel tumbler.

Coffee Joulies™ work best in a vacuum insulated travel mug. All that heat trapped inside goes right into the Joulies instead of disappearing into the environment, or worse yet spilling onto your lap. Put all five Joulies in there, screw the lid on tight and swish it around. Your coffee will be the perfect temperature in minutes and will stay that way all day long.

We have spent the last few months testing travel mugs of all shapes and sizes and the Thermos Sipp vacuum travel tumbler is still our favorite. Included in the Enthusiast Pack on Kickstarter, we’re constantly receiving positive feedback from people using Joulies in this thermos every day.

Made from the highest grade materials.

As a product that will be in intimate contact with your coffee every day, material safety is our highest priority. We use 18/10 stainless steel, the same metal that is used in the highest quality silverware. Joulies are manufactured in a factory that has been making silverware for over a century, so you can be sure it’s done right.

The magic phase change material inside is a special blend of extremely pure plant-derived materials that are already used as ingredients in food. Even though it’s completely safe and edible, we’re still obsessive about keeping it inside your Joulies. This is why we test every single Joulie for leaks using a helium leak tester, the same technology NASA uses to test parts used on the space shuttle.

Made in the USA.

Coffee Joulies are made in the factory that used to make Oneida flatware, before their manufacturing went overseas. We are using machines up to a century old that used to be making silverware 24 hours a day but until recently were sitting idle. Every Joulie undergoes a 22-step process to become the polished bean you’ll soon be holding in your hands.

Flatware from Sherrill.

The factory is now owned by two guys, Matt and Greg. Their company, Sherrill Manufacturing, makes a very high quality line of made-in-the-USA flatware. Click the picture to check it out! www.libertytabletop.com


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