Double-Wall Glass Mug

We sourced a completely custom mug for use with Joulies. Made from extra thick double-walled borosilicate glass to keep your beverage hot and your hands cool. Also works with cold beverages to prevent condensation and keep your drink cold longer. What are our customers saying about it?

"I love this mug! It keeps my drinks nice and warm. The ergonomics of the mug are great-it feels great in my hand and I like that it is clear so that I can appreciate the color of my drinks as well. It holds the heat of the drinks well and a couple of Coffee Joulies work well in it." - Neal

"The thing about using the clear, double-walled glass mug for my morning Chai tea is that everyone sees the Coffee Joulies. It leads to conversations about them and is a great ice breaker as I go into meetings with new faces at work. And the Joulies cool my tea faster than waiting for the ambient cup temperature to drop." - Susan

Holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. We recommend using 3 Coffee Joulies in the glass with your hot coffee or tea. Logo is White.

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