Glass Mug Gift Set

Coffee & tea drinkers will love our scientifically-optimized hot beverage experience. At home or in the office, every sip is perfect, from the first to the last.

  1. Our double-wall glass mug insulates much better than normal ceramic mugs. We use glass that is 50% thicker than other glass mugs for improved durability.
  2. Our silicone lid traps heat that would evaporate through the open mug, and also prevents spills on the walk back from the coffee maker.
  3. Coffee Joulies absorb all this well-contained heat, quickly cooling the beverage to the perfect sipping temperature, then slowly releasing heat back into your drink to keep it in the ideal temperature range longer.

This works over and over with each cup of coffee poured, creating the perfect sip every time. No need to freeze or recharge Coffee Joulies between cups. Plus, they literally last forever.

Includes 5 Coffee Joulies, 1 Glass Mug & 1 Lid.

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