Mother's Day Gift Set

Our Mother's Day Gift Set was created to give moms everywhere the perfect coffee drinking experience. At home or in the office, mom will think of you every time she takes a sip of hot, delicious coffee.

The three items in the Mother's Day Gift Set work together to deliver a perfect temperature cup of hot coffee & tea, from the first sip to the last:

  1. The double-wall glass mug is significantly better insulated than normal ceramic mugs, preventing the heat in your coffee or tea from escaping. Ours has 50% thicker glass for increased strength.
  2. The silicone lid keeps heat from escaping out the top of the mug, one of the greatest sources of heat loss in hot beverages. Conveniently, it also prevents spills on the walk back from the coffee maker.
  3. The Coffee Joulies absorb all this well-contained heat, rapidly cooling the coffee down to the right sipping temperature, and then slowly releasing the stored heat back into the coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature longer.

The best part, this works over and over with each cup of coffee poured, giving mom the perfect sip and caffeine boost every time she needs it. No need to freeze or recharge Coffee Joulies between cups.

The Mother's Day Gift Set comes with:

  • Set of 5 Coffee Joulies with Jute Pouch
  • Joulies Double Wall Glass Mug
  • Joulies Silicone Lid