Refurbished Joulies

Sometimes you lose a few Coffee Joulies (it happens) or maybe you gave yours away... Either way, you need more and since you already know how great they are, we're offering a special product just for you: Refurbished Joulies. They're the same Joulies you love and know but may have teeny tiny defects. Most of them will appear brand new!

Refurbished Joulies are 100% tested and 100% functional.  Sold individually - no bag, no box, no instructions.

Please note, returns are not accepted on this item due to the nature of the product. 

IMPORTANT - Refurbished Joulies are subject to extended fulfillment times (2-5 days extra). These are only offered in limited quantities when available.

Coffee Joulies was on Shark Tank?!

We'll send you a secret link to watch our episode!!